The beginning of implantology, like many other scientific discoveries, was possible due to a purely occasional finding. Ingvar Branemark, was a Swedish doctor, orthopedist and researcher, who is considered today the father of modern implantology. In the decade of the 50s when he was conducting studies on the blood flow, introduced pure titanium chambers inside mouse bones, at the conclusion of his experiment, and try to remove these cameras, he found a fusion of titanium with tissue bone, which made it impossible to remove them from the specimens. He called this discovery “osseointegration,” to refer to the fusion of bone with this strange substance called titanium. Observation under the microscope showed that the bone cells had grown on the rough surface of this material, which resulted in the manufacture of screws in the form of dental roots of pure titanium. Since then new concepts have emerged to develop an area of ​​medicine called implantology.

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